9 April 2017

Osaka Embroidered Jacket with Leopard Print Pointy-Collar Top

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your supportive response to my last blog post. I truly appreciate your positive messages. Are you enjoying spring so far? If you're anything like me, you're making the most of it and not wanting to miss a single moment of it!

I'm super-excited to share this outfit with you, after taking these pictures last weekend. This is my first official spring outfit of the season, and it was lovely getting a chance to wear my Osaka embroidered jacket at last. I got the jacket during the post-Christmas sales from Oasis, after having my eye on it for several months. Although it was from the autumn / winter collection 2016 and intended for the party season, it was distinctly summery, with contrast sleeves in cream. As it's made from a lightweight satin-like material, it was much too light for winter wear. The embroidery is really special with a strong Oriental influence, which I love as you know, and the embroidery also covers the back of the jacket and is very intricate and detailed. The level of detail is impressive, and is captured close-up in some of the images below. Overall, with the sales reduction, and the 10% discount from my NUS extra card, I got the jacket for better than half price. (As I work at a university, I can buy the NUS extra card for £12 for twelve months, and it offers various high street discounts, so it's definitely worth it.) If you're looking for a jacket like this, fear not, as the embroidered bomber jacket trend is still going strong this season, and I've included a link at the end of this post to a similar jacket. There's also a good variety of embroidered bomber jackets on Ebay.

For this outfit, I wore my leopard print top which has a pointy white collar, paired with dark denim. To complete the look, I added crystal Art-Deco inspired drop earrings, which I bought many years ago, my sunglasses with leopard print round frames, and my beloved swan bag. You can see another Oriental-inspired look paired with leopard print in an earlier post here (This Twilight Garden). I took those pictures at the same location, but in the depths of winter, so it was lovely to see how different the landscape looks in winter, and spring.

What do you think of my outfit? How would you incorporate Oriental elegance into your look? Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon. Lots of love Saba xx
Jacket - Oasis (similar)
Blouse - similar
Jeans - similar
Trainers - (similar)
Bag - similar
Earrings - similar
Sunglasses - Foster Grant (exact)

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